Low Profile Twin Cheeks cushion

Low Profile Twin Cheeks cushion
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  • Item #: LP102

Our Low Profile Twin Cheeks cushion, like the regular Twin Cheeks, has fully adjustable sides that can be moved to any position allowing you to choose the best position to support you and provide relief to any sore parts. This cushion also folds up for easy transport. This cushion is Extra Firm. It will provide good support in a thinner cushion. This cushion works well for people who don't want to sit too high off their seat and it folds up smaller than the regular Twin Cheeks.  When open, the cushion is 1.5" thick, 16" wide and 16" long. When closed it is 3.5" x 16" x 16". 

If you have soreness in you buttocks or back of thighs than this cushion may be too hard for you. If you have any questions about this cushion, please contact us.

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Price $99.95