TheraFlex Hot/Cold Pack with Sleeve

TheraFlex Hot/Cold Pack with Sleeve
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  • Item #: HCPSL

TheraFlex reusable Hot/ColdPacks with sleeves  for both HOT and COLD therapeutic relief. Soft flannel sleeves will protect your skin from cold and heat burns. It is important to always cover the TheraFlex packs and not use on bare skin.

Hot or cold, dual purpose TheraFlex maintains an even temperature over the entire pad. TheraFlex is the highest quality hot and cold therapy pack available. It is leak-proof and contains no liquids or dyes. It is biodegradable, non-caustic, and contains only FDA rated food grade ingredients.

Small (4"x6") Hot/Cold pack with sleeve: $4.50

Large (4"x11") Hot/Cold pack with sleeve: $7.50

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Price $4.50