About Us/FAQ

Our business was started by two people who had difficulty finding a way to sit, even for a few minutes to eat at a table or take a short trip in a car. In our search for the perfect cushion we ended up designing our own. While talking to others about this cushion dilemma, we found many in the same situation. After much research, and talking with pain management doctors, pelvic pain doctors and physical therapists we have designed a line of cushions that we hope will meet your needs.

We always welcome your input and will help you find the best cushion to suite your needs. We strive to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest possible price. 




Medium: Our softest cushion for light to medium support. Usually recommended for people who weigh less than 140 lbs or who need a soft cushion. 

Firm: Provides medium to full support and is still soft and comfortable. Great support for those who weigh 140 to 190 lbs. 

Extrafirm: Full, sturdy support that will keep your assets from touching any seat below and it also has a soft layer for comfort. 

Low Profile: This cushion provides extra firm support in a shorter version than the regular cushions. It will feel firmer than the others but it is easier to carry and sometimes works better in cars where hieght is an issue. 


Please feel free to contact us if you need help choosing a firmness level for your needs.


Shipping: Our products are usually shipped within two to three business days.  You can check both Fed Ex and USPS charges in the shopping cart to find the cheapest shipping choice for your purchase. USPS is generally cheaper when purchasing smaller items.

We recommend using the United States Post Office when shipping internationally as it is almost always cheaper than Fed Ex.


Payments: We accept credit cards and Paypal for all purchases.

If you choose Paypal, you will notice that the business name that appears when you get to the Paypal page is A Bright Idea Custom Designs. This is our parent company.


Return Policy:   We will accept cushion returns if you notify us within 5 business days of receiving your cushion. Returns will only be accepted if the cushion is in clean and new condition. If the foam is too soft or too firm we will exchange the foam inserts. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping them back to us (usually around $10 with USPS).